This is some header text

This header text is smaller

In HTML, all spaces, tabs, newlines and other white spaces are compressed (i.e., this text is all printed on the same line, and wrapped to the length of the screen, and these spaces are all compressed to one space. If you want to explicitly display a certain number of spaces, use these characters:     For newlines (carriage returns), use the "br" tag:

You can also use "p" tags to create separate lines.

To adjust text size and color, use the "font" tag:

Little blue text
Big red text

To display a link to a web site, use the "a" tag:

To display images, use the "img" tag:

To make an image link to a URL, use "img" and "a":

click the image:

This text is bolded.

            The "pre" tag displays preformatted text.
            Spaces, tabs, newlines, etc. are kept intact.
You can add a horizontal separator line with the "hr" tag:

Center anything on a page with the "center" tag:

Centered Text

Tables are used to display rows and columns of data. They can also be used to align portions of an HTML page in certain areas of the screen (i.e., to layout menu bar areas, headers, main content areas, and footers):

"tr" tags are rows
"td" tags are columns
You can set "td"s to span as many columns as needed, using the "colspan" setting, and you can use the "valign" property to set where in the cell text is placed. "bgcolor" sets the cell's background color. You can set size properties of all different parts of the table, using either percentage or pixel values.
Try resizing the page to see how centering, text wrapping and table layouts work.